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Antwerp highlights

First visit to Antwerp? Then this tour will certainly enchant you.

We’ll admire the most important monuments in town, such as the Cathedral and the City Hall. On Groenplaats you’ll meet Peter Paul Rubens, and a little further Brabo will tell you his story. What about a stroll along the quays of the river Scheldt, the source of all the riches of the town.

The guildhouses are witnesses of Antwerp’s rich past, and the countless bars and restaurants prove the dynamics of the city today.

Since a few years Antwerp has gained a world-wide fame as fashion-city. That is why we will certainly cover that aspect as well.

Fancy more?

The standard tour takes 2 hours, without a pause. If you have more time to spend or you want to stay a little longer in this charming environment, we have a selection of desserts or extra-options. For example, we can complement the walk with a visit to one of the monumental churches in town such as the Cathedral (6€/person max.), Saint-Andrew’s, Saint-Paul’s, Saint Charles Borromeo’s or Saint-James’s (entry 4€).

All of these churches have a great number of works of art. The visit is dependent on the opening hours, which differ from church to church. We are happy to inform you on what the possibilities are on the date and time chosen by you.

This walk will take 3 hours, including a short break, which can be taken in a café or bar we pass along the way.

Torens van de stad
Grote Markt en Brabofontein

The standard walk (2 hours) costs € 13 per person, with a minimum of € 130. The price for the extended walk (3 hours) is € 18 per person, with a minimum of € 180. Groups of more than 20 are divided over different guides.

Do you want more information? Do you want to eat in group before or after the walk?

We’ll gladly work out a proposal.

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