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Wat zijn die naties?

Toen vanaf de 15de eeuw de havenactiviteiten in Antwerpen steeds maar uitbreidden, werd voor de arbeiders een systeem uitgewerkt dat nauw aansluit bij de reeds bestaande gilden en ambachten. Om de nieuwe te onderscheiden van de oude, sprak men van ‘naties’.

Toen de haven in de 19de eeuw een nieuwe vlucht nam, werd de natie mee overgenomen, maar kreeg ze een nieuwe invulling. Verschillende naties ontstonden, met namen die verwezen naar de aard van de verwerkte goederen (Houtnatie), de haven waar de goederen vandaan kwamen (Riganatie) of naar de plaats in de stad waar de natie zijn zetel had (Waagnatie).

Ondertussen is er in de haven veel veranderd en de naties veranderden mee.

Dat verhaal willen we jullie graag vertellen terwijl we langs plaatsen wandelen die aan het verleden van de naties herinneren.

A new book on our harbour

Danny Deckers has been living in and for the harbour for over 40 years. Nobody is better suited than he to write a book on what goes on inside this miraculous world of its own. Danny has a truly encyclopaedic knowlodge on how the harbour started, how it developed, where it is going and most of all: how the different jobs performed in the harbour link with one another to make the machine perform optimally.

The book in which Danny wants to share his knowledge and passion with us has over 400 pages filled with valuable information, and of course it is larded with a great number of anecdotes. In short, a book that must be present in every (Antwerp) bookcase, en we can help you get the book.

Anyone booking the Nations Walk, or a walk in the Old Harbour, can buy the book with a considerable reduction. In the bookshop the publication costs  € 49,50. We offer you a reduction of more than € 10. We only charge your € 39. It suffices to mention the number of copies you want to buy when you book the tour. Our guides will make sure you receive the books at the end of the walk.

We wish you a lot of fun, both while walking and while reading.


foto cover havenboek van Danny Deckers

DECKERS, Danny: De Haven, Mijn Wereld – SigmaTau, 2019, 416p, 28x21cm


Our Nations Walk takes 2 hours without a pause. On the way there’s ample opportunity to have a  short (drinking) pause if necessary.

The walk starts at Steenplein and ends at the MAS museum (Eilandje). If you want to, we can extend the walk to go to the new Havenhuis (no visit). The walk will then take 3 hours, including a short visit to the Antwerp Brewing Company.

Pay attention: the Brewery is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The price per person is 13 € for groups of up to 20 persons. For your comfort and safety larger groups are divided over two or more guides. The minimum price for a booking is 130 € (10 persons). If you opt for the extended walk, the price is 20 € per person. One consumption is included in the Antwerp Brewing Company.


Do you want more information? Do you want to have a meal before or after the walk?
We’ll gladly work out a proposition.

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