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We go 'A La Carte'

Antwerp à la Carte was started early 2018 by 6 passionate people who together finished a certified training as city guide for Antwerp. The training is acknowledged by Flanders Tourism. There’s nothing this colourful company of ‘immigrated’ as well as ‘thorough-bred’ Sinjoren (=the nickname of the inhabitants of Antwerp), love to do more than to show you the undiscovered spots in the city, and to tell you stories that will be new and refreshing to your ears.

We all have our own specialties, style, interests and vision on the city, so each guide has his own accents and his own style of story telling. But when it comes to developing new walks, we join our experiences, interests and ideas to build walks to your liking.

If you want to discover Antwerp, you’ve come to the right place. We might be a trifle more focused on people who know Antwerp already a little, so that we can come with the really fascinating stories.  By working with district walks we can cover a large part of the city, which brings more variation, hence more enthusiasm.

Moreover we offer a new thematic walk every year, in which we can fully unleash our creativity.

Our biggest asset however is that we put the client first and work in a flexible way (“à la carte”), which forces us to keep on learning ourselves.

In the meantime our success has forced us to extend our team with one more guide. Please meet Sébastien, Alain, Ludo, Hendrik, Carine, Axel and Patrick.

If you want to have a taste of Antwerp, you are at the right place. But we can also show you parts of the city off the beaten track. These are our district walks.

Besides these we create new thematic walks on a yearly basis.

Our main asset however is that we work in a flexible, personalised way (“à la Carte”). It allows us to continuously learn new things about the city we love so dearly.

Our success has made us expand our team to 9 city guides. Meet Sébastien, Alain, Ludo, Hendrik, Carine, Axel & Patrick. A picture of Dominique and Frédéric will soon appear.

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