Long may the city live

Celebrate with us the 800th birthday of Antwerp's City Rights

800 years of city rights

A cake with 800 candles!

Of course this beautiful spot existed long before: prehistoric hunters regularly pointed their arrows at game, Celts and Romains now and then ran into another en Gallo-Romans found it a good site to live, but in February 1221 something drastic happened: Antwerp got city rights from the Duke of Brabant.

Let the drums roll and the trumpets blast: the City is born!

Do you want to know where exactly this stout newborn’s cradle stood, how big it was at birth, who came up with the name and how it grew to be the biggest of Flanders? Join us on a bicycle trip passing the most iconic places in town. Together we’ll unravel the Antwerp DNA!

You choose

Usually we offer walks, but for this ambitious thematic tour we developed a bicycle tour, so that we can show you more of the city.

Of course we don’t want to leave people who don’t like cycling in the cold. So we developed two tours: one on bike and one on foot.

  • The walking tour (2 hours) takes us from the very beginning near the river, to the city of the 21st century in the neighbourhood of the MAS museum.
  • The cycling tour (3 hours) covers a much greater distance and many more parts of town.

Anyway, primary attention goes to the bigger history, harbour and city development.

It is perfectly possible to bring along your own bike for the tour. If you don’t want to use your own bike, you can rent one at a favourable rate: € 7 pp in stead of € 9, thanks to our partners of Antwerp by Bike.

We cycle or walk around, stopping at pretty corners to tell interesting stories. If you wish, the tour can be made longer (3 resp. 4 hours), so that a pause can be planned. In that case the price per person is € 5 higer.


The cycle tour:

The basic tour (3 hours) costs € 21,5 per persoon, with a minimum of € 215. Groups larger than 15 will be divided over different guides. An extra hour costs € 5 per person.

This price does not cover the rent of a bike. Bikes can be booked at a special price of € 7 per bike (normally € 9).

This cycling tour is organised in partnership with our colleagues of Antwerp by Bike.

The tour starts and ends at Steenplein.

We expect participants of the cycling tour to respect the traffic code and pay attention to other participants in the city traffic.

The total trajectory is around 15 km (a little less than 10 miles), so young and less young can participate.

The walking tour:

The basic tour (2 hours) costs € 15 per person, with a minimum of € 150. Groups of more than 20 will be divided over different guides. An extra hour is charged € 5 per person.

This tour starts at Steenplein and ends at the MAS museum.

A La Carte

Would you like more information? Do you want to eat something with the group before or after the tour?

We’d gladly work out a suggestion for you.