Antwerpen à la Carte

Always on the move

Antwerpen à la Carte

A city that always stays young and lively

Antwerpen à la Carte

On the road in a busy harbour town


Welcome to Antwerp!

Is this your first visit? Then our Historical Centre is the ideal starting point.

If you already know the city, we can offer you a choice of the liveliest and most interesting districts of town (Old HarbourSaint Andrew’s QuarterZurenborg, …)…

On the other hand we also have a series of thematic walks, such as a Baroquewalk, a Nations’ Walk and a tour devoted to Gilbert Van Schoonbeke, who was born in Antwerp exactly 501 years ago. 2020 Antwerp celebrates the 500th birthday of Christopher Plantin, the most important 16th century printer. Of course we also developed a tour around this figure.
2021 would have been a great year, if it wasn’t for covid, that year the city celebrated its 800th birthday, and we developed two tours. One on bike, one on foot.
For this year we are working on a walk dealing with the different aspects of caring in a city like ours and how it evolved.
You can find more details under Our Concept.


tours adapted to your taste


tours led by enthusiastic guides


tours of our own design

Fancy More?

Have a dessert!

If you want more, our desserts offer you another hour of discoveries. How about a coffee break or a drink in a local bar, a visit to a museum, a brewery, a coffee roaster or a church?

Our program is aimed in the first place on groups, for individual visitors we have our seasonal walks, unfortunately only in Dutch.


Looking for a nice present?

Offer a walk in our town

Walking through town together, enjoying the stories, sharing a meal or having a drink. What more can you wish?

It’s up to you to decide on the value of the voucher. We’ll send you a pretty card to give to the lucky one, who then decides when to do the walk en what to see and hear.

Simple and unique.