Baroque City

Walk in Rubens' footsteps

In 2018 Antwerp breathed baroque

Because you liked this tour so much we will keep it on our programme.

In the context of these festivities we’ll gladly take you on a trip along places that remind us of the masters from the past. In this way the times of Rubens, Van Dyck, Jordaens, Teniers and so many others is brought to life again. In the mean time you will discovers gems of the rediscovery of baroque art at the end of the 19th century, which has left its traces in quite some places in town, sometimes where you least expect them.

Of course the baroque feeling hasn’t died. Periods of quiet rest and periods of abundance follow one another continuously. That’s why we will also show you more modern examples of a baroque character.

A basic 2 hour walk costs € 14 per person, with a minimum of € 140. The price for an extended walk (3 hours) is € 19 with a minimum of € 190. Groups of more than 20 participants will be divided over different guides.

Fancy More?

The standard walk takes about 2 hours, without a pause. If you have more time, or simply want to stay a little longer in these surroundings, we have a number of desserts or extra options for you.

You could combine the walk with a visit to the Charles Borromeo Church or to the chapel in which Rubens is buried (entrance fee).

Of course we can also combine the walk with a visit to one of the numerous Antwerp bars.

The walk will then take 3 hours.

A La Carte

Would you like more information? Do you want to eat something with the group before or after the tour?

We’d gladly work out a suggestion for you.