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Christopher Plantin: a man with a plan

In the middle of the 16th century a Frenchman came to Antwerp. His name: Christopher Plantin. Already some 80 printers were already established in the city, nevertheless he grew out to be the most important printer and publisher of his time. What started as a craft grew out to be an industrial company that produced books for het whole of the world. He was unparalleled in understanding he had to print what the audience demanded, if necessary in languages that use completely different typefaces.

His story is one with high peaks and deep cliffs, the result of the turbulent times in which he lived and work. His motto ‘through labour and steadfastness’ was well chosen: after each crisis he succeeded in having his print shop resurface.

Did you know that Plantin printed the very first dictionary of Dutch? Quite an accomplishment for someone whose origins lay in France.

Join us in the footsteps of a giant

Come along and listen to the wonderful story of this man who made it from zero to hero.

Discover why authors insisted on him printing and publishin their work and why his daughters played an important part in the success of the company. On the road you’ll learn about typefaces, ink and paper and why books are so important, in Plantin’s days and today.

We start our walk on Handschoenmarkt, in the shadow of the cathedral, next to the sculpture of Nello and Patrache and finish in the inner court of Plantin’s printshop at Vrijdagmarkt. The tour costs € 13 per person with a minimum of € 130.

A basic 2 hour walk costs € 13 per person, with a minimum of € 130. The price for an extended walk (3 hours) is € 18 with a minimum of € 180. Groups of more than 20 participants will be divided over different guides.

Fancy More?

Why not visit the Museum where you will find temporary exhibitions combined with the normal exhibits in the old family house annex printshop. These exhibitions all centre on Plantin and his time: ‘Travelling with Plantin’ and ‘The Age of Plantin’.

April 25 till August 30: Travelling with Plantin

October 9 till January 10 2020: An age of wonder. Science in the 16th century.

A La Carte

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