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Besides walks through the most interesting quarters of town, Antwerpen à la Carte also offers you walks around a particular theme.

In 2018 we developed a Baroquewalk, which you can still book of course. Whenever you think Antwerp, you think Rubens, and if you think Rubens, you think Baroque. That’s why.

2019 we celebrated Gilbert Van Schoonbeke, one of the most important urbanists the city has ever known.

In 2020 we celebrate the 500th birthday of Christopher Plantin. In a very troublesome period he turned Antwerp into a center of book printing and in that way laid a foundation for Antwerp City of Books.

Of course we cannot miss out on our nations. Our world harbour wouldn’t have become what it is now, without the efforts of these ‘nations’. If you want to know more of the history of the port of Antwerp, we are there to tell you the story.

800 years of city rights

In February 1221, exactly 800 years ago Antwerp received its charter from the hands of Duke Henry I of Brabant.

We celebrate this event with a double offering.


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In the middle of the 16th century a French bookbinder came to Antwerp and pretty soon he started printing and publisching books. His print shop soon grew out to be one of the first industrial enterprises.

As we walk through the city we can discuss the importance of the printing press and this gentleman Plantin.

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Gilbert Van Schoonbeke

1519 Gilbert Van Schoonbeke was born a bastard of a rich merchant of the same name. This rather cumbersome background did not refrain Gilbert from becoming the most important urbanist of his time.

We’d gladly take you along some of his realisations.

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City of Baroque

Antwerp and Rubens, they too go together like a horse and carriage. On the commercial level, Rubens’ time was already a bit worse than the period before. That’s why Jan Lampo refers to a silver age, after a golden age. In the field of arts and crafts the baroque period was undoubtedly an efflorescent time.

As we’re walking we are sure to face modern day baroque features and we won’t hesitate to add them to the experience.

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Antwerp Nations

Nations, an organization that finds its roots in medieval guilds, play a central role in the Antwerp harbour. Of course, the nature of these organizations has changed over the centuries. And if you want to know more about living and working in a harbourtown, we’re glad to take you on tow.

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