South and New-South

A trendy neighbourhood with an artistic vibe

19th and 21st century are only a few steps apart

On the spot where the strongly disliked Spanish fortress used to stand, arose in the end of the 19th century a new housing district with spacious mansion and broad streets. People soon started talking about the district as Little Paris.

A bit further to the south, where the petroleum installations were situated, huge appartment buildings arise, creating a kind of Manhatten at the Scheldt.

We invite you to come and discover these surroundings with us.

Highlights of the walk

  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • FoMu or Museum of Photography in an ancient storage house
  • M HKA (Museum for contemporary art)
  • Court of Justice (design by Rogers)
  • Monument Scheldt Liberated (end of taxes raised in Holland)
  • Waterpoort (design by P.P. Rubens)

The basic tour (2 hours) costs €15 per person, with a minimum of €150. Groups of more than 20 participants are divided over different guides. For an extra hour there is an additional cost of € 5 per person, with a minimum of € 200.

You want more?

The basic tour lasts 2 hours, without a pause. Maybe you’re looking for more?

There’s a lot of bars and restaurants in this district. So it’s easy to combine your tour with a drink and/or a bite.

If you wish to do so, we can plan a visit to one of the present-day art galeries in the neighbourhood.

Or we make a stroll on the other side of the ‘Boulevard’, where a completely different type of quarter developed.

That way we do a 3 hours’ tour.

A La Carte

Would you like more information? Do you want to eat something with the group before or after the tour?

We’d gladly work out a suggestion for you.