Military installations make room for living, working and leisure time

Dusty military glory turns to trendy environment

In the early 20th century, an old fortress that stood in the middle of town, was transformed into an arsenal annex military clinic. At the end of the century the military left the site and the site started deteriorating.

Finally, giving in to demand of neighbours, the area was developed into new living quarters for some 400 families with added offices and bars. The protected parts of the military buildings were restaurated, at other places new adapted housing arose.

As the name suggests, it became a green and carfree district which revaloured the neighbouring parts at thes ame time. The hip hotspot of the PAKT e.g. fits perfectly intothe Green Quarter.

Highlights of the walk

  • The wintercorridor with the recovery pavillions
  • Two-star restaurant The Jane in the old chapel
  • The co-working building Stokers that can also be used to organize events
  • Hotel August in the former cloister
  • The PAKT-site with its hip companies, veggie cafés and restaurants and its famous roofgardens

The basic tour (2 hours) costs €15 per person, with a minimum of €150. Groups of more than 20 participants are divided over different guides. For an extra hour there is an additional cost of € 5 per person, with a minimum of € 200.

You want more?

Not so far from Zurenborg in recent years a new district developed on the grounds, and partly in the building that housed the military hospital. The project is called Green Quarter and provides a combinations of new housing and the restauration and restructuring historical buildings.

In the former chapel we find The Jane with chef Nick Bril who successfully followed up on Sergio Herman. The pavilions where sick or wounded soldiers could recover have been turned into charming flats.

A La Carte

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