Historic Centre

Discover the Antwerp monuments

No boring history class!

That we stroll in the historic centre does not imply that a boring history class awaits you. On the contrary: you’ll notice this old centre is quite a lively neighbourhood where everyting is constantly in motion.

Our guides not only talk about the past,but also about the people living here now and on the plans the city has in store. And you can rest assured: there’s quite a bit up the pipeline.

Highlights of the walk

Do you want to know the historic centre of Antwerp with its magnificent monuments a little better, join us on a walk through this marvelous environment. Our guides take you on a trip via Market Place with the City Hall, the Cathedral devoted to Our-Lady, the Castle ‘Steen’ and the Meat House. In this way you learn more about the story of our town.

Sauces available for this walk

If you wish, you can, without extra charges, have the walk brought to taste with a sauce, through which a particular theme is put in the spotlight.

You will find a description of the sauces available underneath. Of course, it is up to you to opt for a walk without an extra spotlight.

A story in stone

On this walk we pass architectural jewels covering a period which stretches from late 10th to early 21st century: the Stone, the Meat House, the cathedral, the Hanzahuis, the new Diva-centre…

More than a 1000 years of city building passes in front of our eyes.

Present and past

The city’s history hasn’t always been one of peaches and cream. Many witnesses of the past have disappeared, others are being cherised and in between new witnesses-to-be emerge. At one time the city will choose for demolition and a new building, at another time it might opt for looking for new uses for existing buildings.
In this way a continuous dialogue develops between present and past.

Local people

Without his personal friend mayor Nicolas Rockox, Rubens might never have made his world-famous Descent from the Cross.

Did you know that German merchants have played a major role in the growth of Antwerp since the 14th century. And that they played a pivotal role in the development of our harbour in the 19th century?

On our walk we’ll meet many famous people who lived in Antwerp, many of who were famous far beyond the city borders.

Fancy More?

The basic walk takes about 2 hours, without a pause. If you want to spend more time in this fascinating environment, we have a number of desserts or extra options available.
So we could combine the walk with a visit to one of the historic churches: cathedral (an extra € 8 per person), Saint-Andrew’sSaint-Paul’s, Saint-James’s (entrance fee of € 4) or Carolus Borromeus.
All of these churches host a great number of treasures. Which church can be visited depends on opening hours, which differ from church to church. We’ll gladly inform you on the possibilities on the period you choose.
Other possibilities include: a demonstration of coffee roasting combined with a tasting, a nice elixir d’Anvers combined with chocolate and other delicacies, a visit to a local bar, …
The walk will then take 3 hours.

A basic 2 hour walk costs € 13 per person, with a minimum of € 130. The price for an extended walk (3 hours) is € 18 with a minimum of € 180. Groups of more than 20 participants will be divided over different guides.

A La Carte

Would you like more information? Do you want to eat something with the group before or after the tour?

We’d gladly work out a suggestion for you.