The birthplace of today's harbour

Where our harbour was born

There are many ways to compare the size of harbours, whichever way you choose, Antwerp plays a major role in the economy of Western Europe. During this walk we’ll take you to where this all started.

The oldest docks go back to the start of the 19th century. It is Napoleon who, out of sight of the English, had them dug out to build a fleet which was to conquer England.  These plans stranded n Waterloo. King William I immediately transformed the docks to function in a commercial way and ever since the harbour has been expanding.

Today our harbour has more than 60 km of quays. Far too much to cover in a single walk, so we’ll stick to the environment of the oldest docks.

Highlights of the walk

  • the MAS (Museum along the Stream)
  • the Red Star Line Museum (from here more than 2 million people left Europe to find a new destination in the US and Canada)
  • the Felixwarehouse (the largest storehouse in the district, completely restored, and now the seat of the city archives)
  • the developments in the Cadix district
  • the new Harbour House, designed by world famous architect Zaha Hadid

The basic tour (2 hours) costs €15 per person, with a minimum of €150. Groups of more than 20 participants are divided over different guides. For an extra hour there is an additional cost of € 5 per person, with a minimum of € 200.

You want more?

The basic walk takes about 2 hours, without a break. If you have more time or just want to stay longer in this beautiful area, we have different desserts or extra options for you.

  • The boulevard of the MAS museum
  • A walk to the new Harbour House or the Parkbridge
  • A visit to the Antwerp Brewing Company, the guys who make the local Seefbier

A La Carte

Would you like more information? Do you want to eat something with the group before or after the tour?

We’d gladly work out a suggestion for you.