Suske en Wiske stripmuur

A neighbourhood full of contrasts

Few districts in Antwerp are known by so many names as the surroundings of the stately Saint-Andrew’s Church. Here you find contrasts between rich and poor, present and past (just have a look inside the church).

Of the hundreds of corridors and alley ways only a few have survived. For most tourists this neighbourhood is a little hidden, away from the beaten tracks, just join us to discover this unique environment.

The main street is undoubtedly Kloosterstraat (let’s say Abbey Road). Today it is the place to be for antiques and vintage, that have replaced what was once a maginificent Saint-Michael’s Abbey.

Highlights of the walk

  • Saint Andrew’s Church
  • Architecture at Saint Andrew’s Square
  • Kloosterstraat with its antique shops
  • Saint Jules’ Hospital
  • Friday Market and Plantin-Moretus Museum

Sauces available for this walk

If you want to, you can, without any extra charges, dress the walk with a sauce, by which a particular theme will be accentuated as we walk around.

A description of these sauces you can find underneath. Of cours, you can also opt for a general walk without any accents.

Museum Plantin-Moretus

A story in stone

Although this is a folksy neighbourhood, you will find here marvelous examples of architecture from the 16th century up till now. Modest houses stand side to side with baroque palaces.

The district is also an example how the city arose from the debris of World War II, striving to solve the problem of providing comfortable housing for the working classes.


Present and past

Once this district counted thousands of small corridors and alleyways filled with modest houses without light, without any comfort. Today this is a lively neighbourhood with a mix of young and old, rich and poor. Above all it is a district filled with people who love their neighbourhood and are prepared to do anything to keep it cosy and lively.

Muurschildering Lange Ridderstraat

Local people

People of all kinds have always lived here. It was an area where skippers and soldiers came to spend their money in one of the countless bars, or in the widely ill-reputed Lepelstraat.

On the other side: the richest family of 16th century Europe had its Antwerp office here and a great number of writers and artists found their inspiration here. Today graffiti-artists adorn the walls and fashion-guru’s like Dries Van Noten, offer their designs on display.

Fancy more?

A standard walk takes about 2 hours, without a pause. If you have more time, or if you just want to stay a little longer in this nice setting, we have a number of  desserts or extra options in store.

Since the 80’s Antwerp has become a leading fashion city. We can make a short sidetrip to the heart of Antwerp fashion. Or we could pay a more thorough visit to Saint-Andrew’s church? Or we could travel further south and visit the old southern docks.

Opportunities enough!

Collage Sint-Andries

The standard walk (2 hours) costs € 13 per person, with a minimum of € 130. The price for the extended walk (3 hours) is € 18 per person, with a minimum of € 180. Groups of more than 20 are divided over different guides.

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